Take cashless contactless donations and automate tax rebates with Payminty.

Payminty costs you nothing to set-up and has no fixed costs, only successful transactions are charged for.


Every donation over $5 is eligible for a tax rebate of 33%. Encourage donors to re-gift their rebate to amplify your fundraising.


Scale and amplify your existing and future fundraising efforts with mobile and web solutions that cover all touch points.

We work with...

  • Charities
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Corporates
  • Marketing Agencies

Ways to pay...

Easily add a 'Donate Now' button to your existing website, click to try our demo.
Create 1 or 100+ donation points (QR codes) and put them almost anywhere. Scan here to demo cashless, contactless mobile donations (tap QR if viewing on a mobile).
Demo QR for Website.png
Embed and rebrand Payminty into your existing website. We can rebrand all the Payminty 'Ways to Pay with your own campaign images, colours and logos etc. 

Re-gifting amplified...use any of the demo's to instantly calculate your rebate.

All 'Ways to Pay' methods are demonstrations only, no financial transaction will take place and no charges are made. For details on how any of these methods may work for your organisation get in touch with us today. 


A potential donor sees your fundraiser, marketing collateral or physical object and wants to make a donation to your campaign.


Your fundraiser or marketing collateral displays a Payminty QR Code or NFC tag (donation point) that your donor scans or places their mobile device close to.


Your donor can make an Online EFTPOS or card payment using the Paymark network from their own bank account, without any need for an app.


Transactions are immediately confirmed successful or declined with Paymark paying out directly to your nominated bank account.

How Payminty donation points work


With Payminty less is more.

Get the functionality of a standard EFTPOS terminal...without the terminal.


Donation points are completely contactless, therefore offer more protection from COVID-19.


Create 1 or 100+ donation points with no setup fees or activation timelines.


Mobile payments are completely cashless, therefore offering more protection against COVID-19.


No fixed fees for hardware sitting around not in use means better cash-flow.


No hardware means less cost with less to go wrong but a lot more scalability.


There is no app to download, no registration steps to complete, just scan and go!

Where can a mobile donation point go?

Turn almost anything into a contactless, cashless mobile donation point.
Existing Websites
Posters & Signage
Donation Buckets
Digital Media
Flyers & Brochures
Branded Products
Social Posts
Store Windows
Donation Points
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Reach more donors for less and avoid the no change excuse.

Take your fundraising campaign to the next level by offering your donors the ability to make cashless mobile payments quickly and easily using their own bank account or card. All payments are processed via NZ's incumbent payments network Paymark. Charities now have an answer to the common response 'Sorry, I don't have any change on me'.

Turn any object into a donation point

With a Payminty donation point you can turn almost any object into a virtual payment terminal without requiring any traditional hardware. This could be a donation point on a fund-raiser's collection bucket, posters and signage or even a business card.

No app to download, no need to touch any hardware.

When a donor wants to make a donation to your campaign they can do so straight away without needing to download an app or complete any registration steps. Because donors scan a donation point with their own phone all payments are made without having to touch any publicly used hardware like a PIN pad.

Low fees and paid next day.

Payminty facilitates your transactions for a small fee on successful transactions only. Settlement of funds is handled by Paymark and is typically paid overnight to your own merchant facility. Any merchant fees are set by your Bank and Paymark fees will generally be inline or lower to what you currently pay for Card and EFTPOS transactions.

Economically scaleable with no hardware contracts

With Payminty you can create as many donation points as required, this could be 1 or 100+, all without having to commit to any upfront costs, minimum spends or long term contracts. This means your campaign could have an army of fundraisers all with their own donation point and ability to take mobile payments without incurring any payment costs until donations are actually received.

Secure and smart with great insights

Because we use Paymark as our payment gateway you automatically get a secure and reliable solution that has your back right out of the gate. With the ability to create and deploy donation points at a granular level and mobile technologies you can get actionable insights to learn, grow and develop your campaigns with the support of our in-depth tracking and reporting. 


Pricing that protects margins

No minimum terms, No set-up costs
Payments 1% capped at $1
(Card processing fees are paid directly by the charity or school etc to the payment processor)
  • Accept Mobile Payments
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Payment Points
  • Real Time Notifications
  • Full Reporting Suite
  • Advanced Analytics Suite

We work with these guys.

Payminty - The fresh new way to pay.

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Frequently asked questions

Will my treadmill fit through the door?

Most likely, yes. The width of the treadmill is 60cm. If tilted, can fit even through 46cm opening. Ideal if installed upstairs.

How long does the delivery take?

Usually about two working days but sometimes delays are possible.

How do you ship the treadmill?

The treadmill is shipped in a manufacturer's box. The size of the box is 162x73x46cm and weighs 53Kg.

Will you bring it in and set it up for me?

Due to the restrictions and safety measures, the drivers won't come indoors. We are now using the courier (usually TNT/Fedex) next day. The treadmill comes ready installed and has wheels. It is very easy to manouvre and get it indoors.

Where do you ship?

We do ship free of charge to the following countries: United Kingdom Ireland France Germany Italy Spain Portugal

How much does the delivery cost?

The delivery is free to United Kingdom and other specified countries. If your country isn't specified, the shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout.

What is the warranty on the Be-Healthy treadmill?

The BeHealthy treadmill comes with rock solid two years comprehensive cover.

Which treadmill is good for home use?

BeHealthy Treadmill is designed for home and light commercial use. Enjoy your excercise from the confort of your home.

Can you lose weight on a treadmill?

As a form of cardio exercise, using a treadmill is an excellent way of burning calories and losing weight. ... They can work with you to create a customized treadmill weight loss program. For best results, combine treadmill workouts with strength training.

Can you lose belly fat by walking on a treadmill?

To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Walking on the treadmill will help you lose belly fat, but only if you watch your food intake. Aim to make fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet since most are low in calories and filling.

What is treadmill used for?

A treadmill is a piece of indoor sporting equipment used to allow for the motions of running or walking while staying in one place.

Should I buy a cheap treadmill?

If you want quality when it comes to purchasing a treadmill, you need to be prepared to pay out quite a bit more for it than a cheap treadmill. Basically, if you only want to spend £1000 or less, you're really buying a disposable treadmill. If you're lucky, you'll get a year of use out of it.

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