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Mobile Payments

Melt Foodtruck in Whananaki, New Zealand.

Learn how Melt Foodtruck use mobile payments for contactless, cashless payments with Payminty.


The Problem

Scott and Anabelle run the really popular Melt Food Truck in Whananaki, Northland, New Zealand. They wanted a simple to operate but smart solution to take contactless, cashless payments from their customers when they are running the food truck over the busy summer months.

They are in a relatively remote part of New Zealand where they had experienced connection problems in the past with traditional handheld payment terminals (EFTPOS Machines). 


The Solution

Payminty set Melt up with their own QR code enabling contactless cashless payments from their customers whilst being highly compliant of Covid-19 social distancing protocols. 

Melt customers were able to scan the Payminty QR code from a safe distance to make a payment. Scott and Annabelle were instantly notified of the transaction via their own device. Customers were able to pay with Payminty straight away without having to download any app or pre-load any accounts. 

Solution Details:

  • Payminty QR Code

  • Customer e-receipts

  • Merchant e-receipts

  • New Payment Gateway account in minutes with Stripe


The Result

Scott and Anabelle are over the moon! gone were all the pains with a remote EFTPOS terminal and fixed fees, setup was a breeze and their customers can safely buy an amazing holiday coffee with no-contact, no-apps and no worries. 

Poor internet reception in the relatively remote location has not been an issue because their Customers phones are only transmitting a tiny amount of data and are much better at it than Mobile Payment Terminals that intermittently drop out.

Benefits to the Melt include:

  • Can easy meet Covid-19 safety protocols

  • Don't miss out on any sales for non-cash carriers

  • Not paying for any hardware when closed over winter months

  • Customers can pay via Debit/Credit card or Apple/Google pay

  • The Payminty scanner is quicker and safer for repeat customers.

Tropical Leaves

Go Hardware Free.

It costs absolutely nothing apart from a few minutes of your time to sign up with Payminty. There are no contracts locking you in and no clunky hardware to provision. Everything can be done via the Payminty Admin Portal. 

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