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Freshen up your payments with Payminty.

Get started in minutes not weeks. Need another connection, provision in seconds not days. The Payminty+ app is a fresh approach to payments when and where you need it.

Download Payminty+ from the Apple (iOS) or Google (Android) app stores and turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a fully functional payment terminal today. Pay nothing until your first successful payment.


Take payments in seconds

Take payments in the time it takes to to get your Phone out of your pocket, tap in an amount and hit Submit, that's it! No fiddly payment terminals to deal with.


Add additional connections fast

Ever had one of your existing terminals break down causing massive disruption to your business? Then Payminty+ is the easiest, fastest solution to protect your business (and bottom line). Provision additional connections on the spot directly from Payminty+ and get back up and running ASAP.


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Your customers preferred ways to pay

Tap a Card to pay by Credit/Debit card, Tap a Phone to pay by digital wallets including  Google/Apple pay. Scan a QR Code to pay by alternative methods or share a PayLink when customers are across town or want to pay later.


Your full solution or complimentary. 

Payminty+ is powerful enough to be your sole payment solution. Yet affordable enough to complement existing setups adding scale and continuity to your business. Add your Logo for brand awareness and assurance.

A global solution for where you are

Payminty+ the no hassle way.

Get going with no hassle

Payminty+ is simply the easiest, fastest most transparent way to take payments. Everything can be done from your SmartPhone in minutes with no long term contracts or upfront costs. Download from the Google/Apple app store today.


  • Pay nothing until you get paid first
  • No Merchant account, no worries, get setup from Payminty+
  • Works anywhere! choose your home currency from over 135
Payminty+ Pay Screen.jpg


No hassle getting paid

Make it incredibly easy for customers to pay (or donate) using their favorite method with no sign-up or download required. They simply Tap their Card or Phone, click a PayLink or scan a QR code for hassle free payments.

  • No download or signup required by payers plus Google/Apple pay for frictionless payments with best in class security
  • Get paid in your home currency via Stripe with the ability to add Surcharges and your own branding
  • In-person (Payminty+ app), Online (PayLinks) and Unattended (QR Code) payments from the one account


Hassle free connections

Typically if you wanted an additional or replacement payment terminal you would need to contact your account manager, answer a bunch of questions probably pay some money and then wait and wait and wait for the terminal to arrive. All this hassle can be avoided by creating PayPoints with Payminty+.

  • Add PayPoints on the fly as required straight from your Phone
  • Invite staff, colleagues, anyone to a PayPoint
  • Invitees download Payminty+ to their own device, sign in and start taking payments straight away
key features

Making it easy for customers to pay you from the one account.

Simple cost effective pricing

A payments solution with the power to run your entire business at such incredible value that it can run alongside an existing payments solution.
  • Get Going Today!


    Every month
    Download Payminty+ for free and pay nothing until your first successful payment.
    • Payminty+ App Connection
    • Stripe Terminal Connection
    • QR Code (turn any object into a PayPoint)
    • Shareable PayLink (Online Payments)
    • Branded Customer Pay Screen
    • Transactional Reporting by PayPoint
    • PayPoint Create and Invite

World Class Security

Payminty+ integrates with the Stripe Terminal platform and therefore inherits their world- class security and compliance.

For more information on Stripe's security and how they handle it, Click here.

To download a report from Forrester Research on how Stripe's unified platform compares to other global payment providers, Click here.

We partner with leading Organisations trusted across the globe.

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