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Using 'Live Mode' to set amounts to pay.

With 'Live Mode' as a Merchant you can set a specific amount for your customers to pay from across the counter or across the country. Customers simply click a Pay-Link or Scan a QR code and the amount you specify magically appears!

Quick Tip: You can use 'Live Mode' on any device including your Smartphone turning it into a Point of Sale (PoS) device, meaning you now don't need a payment terminal at all.

Follow these steps to set an amount to pay for a Customer:

Step 1 : Login to the Payminty Portal here and click on the Payment Point you have previously configured for 'Live Mode' payments.

Note: see this guide for how to configure a Payment Point for 'Live Mode'.

Step 2 : Click 'Live Mode' as per below on your Payment Point.

Step 3 : Simply enter the amount to pay in the 'Set Amount' section and click 'Save'

Step 4 : Now you can show your customer the QR code for this particular Payment Point or you can share a Pay-Link using the 'Share Link' function.

Done! - When the customer scans the QR code or clicks the Pay-Link the amount you set automatically appears for the customer to pay!

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