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How Payminty works

There are two parts to the Payminty solution:

1) Payminty Merchant Portal - Where Merchants manage their Payminty account, link a preferred payment gateway and configure pay points (QR Codes and URL's) for download and distribution, sign-up for the portal here 

2) Payminty Web App - Where payers land when they scan a Payminty QR code or click a Payminty URL to make a payment (no download or sign-up is required to pay via Payminty)

Note: Payers can use the camera on a mobile device to scan QR code's or the Payminty Scanner for faster more secure payments by only recognizing Payminty QR Codes.

Go hardware free with Payminty.

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Fast, secure QR code scanning and payments.

Payminty Scanner

The Payminty Scanner offers additional payment security over using the camera on a mobile device. Its really easy to start using and customers can install a homepage button on their mobile device for repeat payments.

Offer Google/Apple Pay plus Credit/Debit card payments and Online EFTPOS.

Preferred Payment Methods

Offer your customers their preferred payment method straight out of the box. Meaning when you link your preferred payment gateway (Stripe, Worldline or Windcave) if they provide Google Pay, Apple Pay, Online EFTPOS or Debit/Credit card options you get those options by default. Contact us to discuss what Payment Gateway is going to suit your requirements best.

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Get instant notifications to any device without needing to download an app.

Instant Notifications

Customers and Merchants can both receive instant payment notifications to any device without the need to download or register an app. Customers receive theirs to the device used for payment. Merchants simply login to the Payminty Portal with the device requiring notifications and select 'Enable Push Notifications' that's it done!

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Enable Credit/Debit card payments plus Online EFTPOS

Payment Gateway Options

Payminty is pre-integrated with some of the worlds leading Payment Gateways (Paymark, Windcave and Stripe). Bring existing accounts or create a new one in minutes. Payouts are made directly to your nominated bank account. 

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Configure Pay Points and instantly deploy changes.

Configurable Pay Points

With Payminty create an unlimited number of Pay Points and choose if the purpose is for donations or payments. Select 'how' customers pay you with static (same amount every time), Customer enters and Live amounts (Merchant sets the amount to pay). Add quick pay buttons to your UI and apply automatic surcharges to transactions. 

Data for BI reporting and streamlined reconciliations.

Reporting settings

Because QR codes cost next to nothing to configure and display you can create an unlimited number each with individualized data behind it. The Payminty BI Dashboards provides valuable insight on locations, products and services. 

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Live Mode Transactions.png
Set amounts to pay from across the counter or across the country.

Live Mode Amounts

Live mode payments let Merchants set the amount for customers to pay, like an EFTPOS transaction only without any hardware. Customers can complete in-store payments via QR code or for phone orders share a Payminty URL to customers via SMS, Messaging or Email, set the amount to pay. Customers can pay by Card, Google or Apple pay without having to read out any card details, for safer payments with less PCI compliance risk.

Better transparency for Merchants and Customers,

Confirmations & Refunds

Payminty keeps everyone involved in the transaction up to date instantly. Customers get payment confirmations directly on their device with an embedded QR code that can be used for proof of purchase or managing refunds. Merchants can get instant notifications to a connected device and e-receipt copies to a designated email address. 

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