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Streamline and scale up your payments with Payminty. 

Accept mobile payments/donations via QR code or NFC tag with Payminty's fully functional and  configurable payment solution. Get going in minutes with no setup fees, no fixed fees and no contracts.

Who is Payminty for?

Streamline Events & Venues

With Payminty's easy to use highly configurable payment solution you can scale up and streamline your ability to take more payments from more people more quickly at your event or venue.


Being software based Payminty can do this without any costly problematic hardware or additional staff. Increase customer satisfaction through less time in queues and more time enjoying the event.


  • Reduce number of payment terminals
  • Reduce number of staff required
  • Serve more customers faster
  • Increase customer spend


  • Streamline Reconciliations 
  • Automate Tax Rebates
  • Avoid 'No Change' excuse

Schools & Charities Amplified

Payminty works with Schools and Charities to introduce a 'new wave' of donors and encourage donors to re-gift their tax rebates. Re-gifting rebates can turn a $100 donation into almost $150 therefore really amplifying any fundraising initiative. 

Payminty also aims to reduce the cost of fundraising with a laser focus on digitisation and automation to streamline backend reconciliations

  • Cashless, Contactless, Frictionless 

Easily Add Scale to SME's

With Payminty's highly configurable and customisable payment solution SME"s (Small to Medium Enterprises) can scale up and streamline the ability to take more payments from more people more quickly.

Payminty can run alongside existing payment solutions to add capacity and an alternative payment method customers enjoy using. Payminty will also keep your business running smoothly if your hardware payment terminals goes down.


  • Can run in parallel with existing solutions
  • Instantly add scale to your business
  • Costs nothing when not in use
  • All in one accounts in minutes

Who uses Payminty?

Features with benefits

Accept payments on the spot, where your customers are.
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Get instant payment notifications of successful/declined transactions to any device.

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There is no app to download, no registration steps to complete, just scan and go!

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Customers can choose to enter their email address to get an e-receipt emailed to them.

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No hardware means less cost with less to go wrong but a lot more scalability.

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Donors can use the built in tax rebate calculator to see what their potential rebate maybe.

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No staff are required with your customers using an app they are happy to use. 

Get your own QR code and start accepting payments/donations in minutes.

Use Payminty with your existing ecommerce merchant facility (Paymark or Windcave) or we can provide an all in one solution via our Payment Gateway partner Stripe.
Get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat to understand how Payminty may suit your requirements.
Scan QR code to demo mobile payments (tap QR if viewing on a mobile).
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Payminty - The fresh way to pay.

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