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Payminty - Simply Smart Payments

Payminty works for businesses, charities and schools of all sizes to bring your mobile, online and phone payments onto a uniquely modern solution that’s simple to use yet incredibly smart (i.e. simply smart).

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One platform, multiple uses.

In-Store & Unattended payments

With Payminty's easy to use highly configurable solution scale up and streamline your ability to take payments and donations from the same account without the cost and complexity of traditional payment terminals (hardware).


Everything can be controlled and configured by your own MyPayminty portal. Need another pay point? Create your own in minutes via MyPayminty. 


  • Cashless, Contactless, Frictionless
  • Customer and Merchant notifications 
  • Credit/Debit card, Google/Apple Pay
  • Fast and safe QR code payments


  • Collect data to streamline reconciliations 
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Easily add a 'Pay Now' or 'Donate' button
  • No code online payments, same account

Easy online payments

Start taking online payments and donations in minutes with a Payminty account. Each pay point you create comes with a unique url that you can place on websites, share via social media or email to customers. 

Using the MyPayminty portal you can manage your mobile, online and phone payment and donation points from the same place. Connect MyPayminty to Paymark, Windcave or Stripe payment gateways.

Share url's via SMS or Message

For taking payments over the phone or call center's Payminty offers a cost effective solution that reduces PCI compliance overheads like having to record phone conversations and putting customers through an IVR system.

From the MyPayminty portal simply share a secure URL for a Payminty Pay Point to your customers via text, email or messaging service. Using 'Live Mode' enter the amount to pay and the customer does the rest. No need to read out card numbers or have customers enter an IVR system


  • Remotely set amounts to pay
  • Eliminate need for IVR payments
  • Send secure url's to your customers
  • Reduce PCI compliance burdon


  • Collect data to streamline reconciliations 
  • Boost donations by 33% with tax rebates
  • Apply your own branding & customizations
  • QR Code, Online, Phone Donations

School & Charity Donations

Make it easy for donors to pay you by including QR codes on invoices & posters (Mobile) unique url's in emails & social posts (Online) or sharing url's via SMS or messaging (Phone). Even create payment points from the same account for general payments. 

Automate donation tax credits from the IRD by using our direct integrations with or Or choose IRD compliant receipts so donors receive them directly and you no longer need to supply them yourself. 

Who uses Payminty?

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SME Businesses

Start taking In-Store (Retail) Mobile payments with Payminty QR codes and NFC tags.

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Coringa Golf Club

Learn how Coringa Golf Club use unattended payments to collect Green Fees with Payminty.

Urban Polo Logo.png

Urban Polo

Learn how Lexus Urban Polo use Payminty to collect payments at their events.



Learn how KidsCan use Payminty to collect donations on their road trip from Paihia to Invercargill.

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Green Lane

Learn how Green Lane use Payminty to collect payments for their multi vendor marketplace.

Pt Chev - Logo FINAL RGB-01 copy.png

Pt Chev School

Learn how Pt Chev School collect school donations and automate tax rebates.

Features with benefits

Accept payments on the spot, where your customers are.
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Get instant payment notifications of successful/declined transactions to any device.

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There is no app to download, no registration steps to complete, just scan and go!

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Customers can choose to enter their email address to get an e-receipt emailed to them.

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No hardware means less cost with less to go wrong but a lot more scalability.

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Add surcharges to your successful transactions to fully or partially cover transaction costs.

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No staff are required with your customers using an app they are happy to use. 

Get your own QR code and start accepting payments/donations in minutes.

Use Payminty with your existing ecommerce merchant facility (Paymark or Windcave) or we can provide an all in one solution via our Payment Gateway partner Stripe.
Get in touch for a friendly no obligation chat to understand how Payminty may suit your requirements.
Scan QR code to demo mobile payments (tap QR if viewing on a mobile).

Payminty - The fresh way to pay.

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