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Payminty - The ultimate mobile payments solution for teams.

Get started in minutes not weeks. Need another connection, provision in seconds not days. The Payminty+ app is a fresh approach to payments anytime, anywhere.

Google Play app store download
Apple app store download
Download Payminty+ from the Google (Android) or Apple (iOS) app stores and turn your and your Teams Smartphone or Tablet into a Tap tp Pay payment terminal today.

7 day FREE trial, no setup fees, cancel anytime.


Take payments in seconds, anywhere!

Turn your Phone into a fully functional payment terminal and start taking payments wherever you are at anytime.


Additional team connections fast.

For the growing business or in periods of high demand, provision additional connections to your team in seconds from the Payminty+ app.


Contactless Payments with Payminty+
Payminty+ tap to pay screen


Preferred payment methods. 

Customers can pay contactless by Credit/Debit card (Tap to Pay), Google/Apple pay (Digital Wallets), QR Code (Phone) or PayLink's (Online)


Your dedicated or backup solution. 

Powerful enough to be your sole payment solution. Yet affordable enough to complement existing setups adding scale and continuity.

A global solution for where you are, when you need it.

Payminty+ the no hassle way.

Payminty+ - TBC

Payminty+ is simply the easiest, fastest most transparent way to take payments. Everything can be done from your SmartPhone in minutes with no long term contracts or upfront costs. Download from the Google/Apple app store today.


  • Pay nothing until you get paid first
  • Connect an existing Stripe account or setup a new one in minutes
  • Works anywhere! choose your home currency from over 135
Contactless Payments with Payminty
Contactless payments
Take Contactless Payments
Stripe Terminal TaptoPay Screen

Xero Integration

Make it incredibly easy for customers to pay (or donate) using their favorite method with no sign-up or download required. They simply Tap their Card or Phone, click a PayLink or scan a QR code for hassle free payments.

  • No download or signup required, just tap to pay!
  • Works with over 135 currencies, apply optional surcharges
  • In-Person, Online and Unattended payments
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Connect (QR / PayLink)

Typically if you wanted an additional or replacement payment terminal you would need to contact your account manager, answer a bunch of questions probably pay some money and then wait and wait and wait for the terminal to arrive. All this hassle can be avoided by creating PayPoints with Payminty+.

  • Add team connections in seconds straight from your Phone
  • Provides a cost effective solution to cater for peak periods
  • Invitees download Payminty+, sign in and start taking payments
Cashless Contactless Payments
Invite anyone to connect to a PayPoint for additional connections

Get Payminty+ in just a few simple steps.


Download the Payminty+ app from the Google or Apple app store.


Connect an existing Stripe account or easily setup a new one.


Invite your team and start taking payments from your customers.

Get the Payminty+ app and start taking payments today!

Payminty+ Google Play Store Download
Payminty+ Apple App Store Download
Stripe Partner Badge

World Class Security

Payminty+ integrates with the Stripe Terminal platform and therefore inherits their world- class security and compliance.
Stripe Security

We partner with leading Organisations trusted across the globe.

Payminty is build on AWS Amazon Web Services
Payminty uses Stripe payments infrastructure
Payminty work with Wordline
Payminty works with Windcave
Use Google Pay with Payminty
Use Apple Pay with Payminty
Use Visa or Mastercard with Payminty


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