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Going Hardware Free!

You will likely be familiar with ISP's (Internet Service Providers) offering Wireless Broadband which is essentially Broadband without a Landline. You may even be among the millions of people who have ditched their Landline in favor of their Mobile Phone.

Here at Payminty we follow a similar path through the ditching of Plastic Cards and Payment Terminals (Hardware) in favor of payments via Secure Links (URL’s) and QR Codes (Software) i.e. going 'Hardware Free'

Going Hardware Free has a number of advantages over traditional payment technologies, including:

  • No hardware cost or complexity – because we have eliminated the hardware!

  • Offer more ways to pay – offer customers their preferred way to pay including Google/Apple Pay, Online EFTPOS, Credit/Debit card and BNPL (coming soon)

  • Get paid faster – turn your Mobile Phone into a PoS and take payments on the spot where your customers are as soon as the jobs done, no need to wait until the 20th of the month

  • Increased scalability – need another virtual payment terminal, just print another QR code from your Payminty account, no need to wait weeks for an additional EFTPOS terminal

  • Better security – share PCI compliant links by SMS or Messaging to receive advance payment, for example takeaway orders, booking requests plus many more examples

If you would like to know how going 'Hardware Free' can help your business get in touch with us at or get going in minutes (and for free) by signing up here

Have a great day!


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