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Payments in your Pocket

Payminty+ is a global payments solution for where and when you need it. Take contactless card, digital wallet and online payments in seconds from your own SmartPhone or Tablet. 

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Get going today! A Stripe account is required, easily connect an existing one or setup a new one in a few minutes.

Payminty+ tap to pay


  • Share PayLink's or show a QR Code
  • Simply tap a card on your phone to pay
  • No need for separate card readers 
  • Download from Google/Apple app stores

PoS (Point of Sale) Payments in your Pocket.

With the Payminty+ app on your SmartPhone or Tablet you have a fully functional payments terminal albeit without the terminal. The ultimate in mobility for when out and about. All popular payments methods are accepted including Credit/Debit cards, Google/Apple pay, Stored cards.

Works for over 135 different currencies in over 47 countries worldwide. Simply connect your existing Stripe account or setup a new one on minutes. 

Payminty - the fresh way to pay.

Ultimate Convenience

Payminty+ is with you where you need it when you need it.

Powerful Value

The power to be your dedicated payments solution all for incredible value.

World Class Security

Payminty is built on World Class platforms including Stripe and AWS.

3 Steps for getting Payminty.PNG

Download for FREE now!

Get going with Payminty+ for no upfront fees, no long term contracts and a 7 day FREE trial (free trial excludes any Stripe transactions fees).

Download on the App Store
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7 day FREE Trial.

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