Phone & Collect by Payminty is just like Click & Collect but a a lot easier and cheaper to setup and run, plus it really works for contactless orders.

  • You maybe a restaurant that offers contactless takeaways and wants to get paid 'before' pickup to reduce bogus orders

  • You might be a retail store that wants to offer click & collect but does not want to spend mega bucks setting it up

  • Or you could be looking for a simple, affordable, secure (PCI Compliant) payment solution that lets you take payments without having to ask customers for their card details over the phone

It costs nothing to setup an account with Payminty and you can have a look around first to see if it meets your requirements, then if you like what you see connect your preferred payment gateway and away you go. Click the button below to create an account now or email us at if you have any questions?

Organising events is not for the faint hearted with a million things to sort out complicated temperamental payment hardware is probably the last thing you need to have issues with. Doubly so because the success (or failure) of your payment system can make or break all your hard work.

Being a software first solution Payminty aims to take the hardware headache out of event payments. Email us today on to organise a casual fuss free chat to understand how we can help.

Payminty is the perfect solution for your local Golf Club, Tennis Club or anywhere that needs to take cashless unattended mobile payments 24/7. Sign up for free here in minutes