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Simple cost effective pricing. 

A complete payments solution with simple pay-as-you-go pricing.


  • Successful transactions only
  • No setup fees, no hardware fees, no hidden fees,
  • No contracts, no limitations, no minimum terms
The Payminty solution works by facilitating payments in conjunction with a Payment Gateway. Choose your preferred Payment Gateway from Worldline (Paymark), Windcave or Stripe. Each payment gateway has their own fee structure may or may not provide a merchant account also.
Payminty Pricing
Payment Gateway Fees
  • Link an existing account or setup a new one from Stripe, Windcave or Worldline (Paymark)
  • Payment Gateway/Merchant Service fees paid directly to the provider
  • Negotiate payment gateway fees directly with the provider
  • If your preferred Payment Gateway is not listed please contact us on
Worldline banner.png

2.5% + $0.30

per successful transaction

See Worldlines (Paymark) preferred pricing. Create a new ecommerce a/c or link an existing one.

Windcave Logo.png

2.8% + $0.30

per successful transaction

Get in touch with Windcave directly to setup a new account or login to the Payminty portal to link an existing one.

Stripe Logo.png

2.9%​​ + $0.30

per successful transaction

Login to the Payminty portal to link an existing Stripe account or create a new one directly from Payminty.

Optional Add-Ons
Additional Admin Users 
$5 per user
Custom Branded App 
$25 p.m.
BI Reporting Dashboard
$55 p.m.
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