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Marketplace Payments

Green Lane Collective

Learn how Green Lane use Payminty to collect payments for their multi vendor marketplace.

1 - The Problem

The Green Lane Collective is a group of Christchurch small businesses connected by a shared passion for sustainability. Green Lane has a central city marketplace where multiple businesses operate from. Green Lane needed a reliable retail payment solution that was highly configurable without that could operate across multiple vendors without the high setup costs. The payment solution also had to appeal to their core values around sustainability and wanting to do things better.

2 - The Solution

There are 25 (and growing) Green Lane Vendors each with their own Payminty QR code. Green Lane have their own branded app with the Vendor name shown when customers scan each Vendors QR code. This helps to reinforce trust so customers know who they are paying. Merchant e-receipts are sent and instant payment notifications are possible via Slack integration. Solution Details:

  • Payment Gateway - Stripe

  • Variable Payment Amounts

  • Customer e-receipts

  • Merchant e-receipts

  • Instant Notifications (via Slack)

  • Green Lane branded app

  • Unique QR codes for each Vendor

  • BI Dashboard for managing Vendors

3 - The Result

Payminty was able to provide Green Lane a complete payment solution without any hardware at all. This played nicely into Green Lanes core values of sustainability and doing things better. The Marketplace operates weekly so not having expensive hardware sitting around under utilised is a major benefit. Customers visiting the Marketplace scan QR’s with their smartphone and can pay Vendors instantly for their goods. Vendors can receive instant notifications to their own device or e-receipts. Green Lane use the Payminty Admin Portal to manage and setup Vendors in minutes rather than weeks with typical providers. Benefits to Green Lane include:

  • Ability to setup and configure new Vendors in minutes

  • A highly scalable solution that grows with the business

  • BI Dashboard provides transaction granularity and ability to export to e.g. csv/Excel

  • Customers can pay instantly with no app to download or registration

  • Software only solution has less environmental impact


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