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Charity Donations - No Cash, No Problem

KidsCan - Goodbye Pork Pie Campaign

Learn how KidsCan use Payminty to collect donations on their road trip from Paihia to Invercargill.

1 - The Problem

KidsCan run a bi-annual fundraising road trip from Paihia in the far north to Invercargill in the deep south. The campaign is loosely based on the cult classic movie Goodbye Pork Pie.

60 teams drive Mini’s the length of New Zealand over 6 days aiming to raise as many funds as possible. KidsCan needed a cashless contactless solution that could operate the length of the country. The solution had to accurately track each teams performance to help raise competitive juices between teams to amplify funds raised.

2 - The Solution

Payminty set each team up with their own unique QR code that had their team name show when the QR code was scanned. The 60 unique QR codes also had tracking metadata configured behind each one. The KidsCan administration team was setup with a customised BI Dashboard that utilised the metadata to automatically update hourly and track team performance. Solution Details:

  • Payment Gateway - Paymark (Click, GPay and Online EFTPOS)

  • Fixed Donation Amounts

  • Variable Donation Amounts

  • Customer e-receipts

  • Merchant e-receipts

  • Kids Can Branded app

  • 60 unique QR codes for each team

  • BI Dashboard for reporting team performance

3 - The Result

Each team received their own unique QR code that allowed cashless contactless donations in events before/after and during the road trip itself. Donation buckets were turned into fully digital fundraising terminals and thwarted the ‘no change’ excuse. A KidsCan branded app encouraged donations through building trust. Campaign tracking allowed up to date team performance to be accurately measured. Benefits to KidsCan include:

  • No app to download or registration meant donations could be made instantly throughout New Zealand

  • QR codes can be placed on almost any item turning it into a donation point including; Cars, Buckets, Posters, Letters etc

  • Metadata allowed accurate team tracking via BI Dashboard

  • KidsCan were able to be personally thank people via email


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