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School Donations​

Point Chevalier School - Auckland, New Zealand

Learn how Pt Chev School use Payminty to collect school donations and automate tax rebates.

1 - The Problem

Schools are up against it when it comes to providing a high quality education with limited funding and ever increasing costs. This makes the ability to collect additional funding by way of school donations increasingly important. Point Chevalier school have been campaigning for donations in the traditional manner such as sending invoices and requesting bank direct credits with specific information in the particulars or ref fields. Or encouraging parents to login to various school management systems. These methods were cumbersome and introduced friction therefore reducing the chance of a donation being made. They also neglected that any donation over $5 was liable to a tax rebate of 33% which could be paid back to the parent or the school, consequently letting loads of additional funds go begging.

2 - The Solution

Using lessons learned from the Retail sector which has proven that if you make it easy for people to pay you there is a higher chance they actually will. The Payminty team set Pt Chev school up with a really innovative and ultimately frictionless way for parents to easily pay their school donations by scanning a QR attached to an invoice, clicking a button on the website or even clicking a link from a social media post. Special care was taken to ensure accounts could be automatically reconciled by collecting key information via the app. The tax rebate calculator was also enabled to amplify donation amounts through tax rebates. Solution Details:

  • Payment Gateway - Stripe

  • Fixed/Variable Donation Amounts

  • Donor/Merchant e-receipts

  • Pt Chev School Branded app

  • In app calculator and form fields to capture student information

  • Tax Rebate calculator

  • Ability to automate tax rebates

  • BI Dashboard for back office reconciliations

3 - The Result

Providing the ability to pay by debit/credit card really easily meant more donations could be collected. Coupled with the ability to make the capture of specific student information mandatory meant significant time savings with reconciling payments later. The Tax Rebate calculator is a hit with parents who sometimes have no idea they are entitled to a 33% rebate. Additionally the choice to re-gift their rebates to the school really amplifies funds raised. Benefits to Pt Chev School include:

  • Ease of use and Tax Rebate calculator meant parents were more likely to make a donation

  • The choice to re-gift rebates to the school meant the school had potential to raise more

  • Data capture, transaction mapping and automation made bank account reconciliations much easier

  • The school can also use Payminty for other fundraising initiatives including general payment for things like Stationary or Camp Fees


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